304 Parallel Dip

Endorphin's 304 Parallep Dip

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The Endorphin 304 Parallel Dip is an excellent wheelchair accessible fitness machine designed to improve upper body strength, especially the muscles of the deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (rear arms). Oil impregnated bronze bushings assure a smooth and quiet operation. Adjustable handles accommodate different user sizes for a precise workout. Non-skid safety floor plates promote chair stability. The Parallel Dip is a free-weight plate loaded machine, allowing for 1 1/4 lb. incremental resistance changes.

Parallel Dip Features and Benefits

  • Can be used by both disabled and able-bodied patients
  • Accommodates all wheelchair widths with extra wide design
  • Provides durability and flexibility to enhance exercise or rehabilitation programs
  • Adjustable handles allows the therapist to fit the unit to the patient
  • Two weight posts for desired incremental weight changes
  • Resistance is in both the forward and reverse directions, which allows for more effective arm and shoulder exercise