390 Combo/Tri/Quad Pulley Systems

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The 390 Combo Pulleys allow you to design your own custom combo system. Choose two, three or four pulleys saving space and money with combo pulley special pricing.

Combo/Tri/Quad Features and Benefits

  • The double combo can be either wall mounted or free standing
  • The Tri-Pulley is free standing and requires only a 4 ft x 4 ½ ft area of floor space
  • The Quad Pulley free standing and requires only a 5 ft x 5 ft area of floor space
  • Customize your pulley system by selecting the weight stacks and accessories needed to best suit your needs
  • Any combination of the 390 Standard, 393 Bilateral, 395 Speed and 390 Lat pulleys can be selected to make up a Combo, Tri or Quad configuration. See links below for information on individual components: