390-MP Mobile Pulley

Endorphin's 390-MP Mobile Pulley

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The 390-MP is a mobile pulley that is useful in clinics with limited space. This mobile, adjustable column pulley can easily be moved through doors to treat patients on benches or treatment tables who are unable to move to fixed equipment. The 390-MP has a very small footprint of 30" x 29" x 75".

390-MP Exerciser Features and Benefits

  • Smaller in height than other pulleys, the 390-MP is easily moved from room to room and through doorways
  • A stable retractable wheel base allows the pulley to be moved easily then locks into place with the press of a foot pedal
  • Offered in both a 4:1 ratio (80 lbs / 36 kg physical weight stack providing 20 lbs / 9 kg of resistance weight) or a 2:1 ratio (80 lbs / 36 kg physical weight stack providing 40 lbs / 18 kg of resistance weight)
  • Starting weight is 1.25 lb / .06 kg with 1.25 lb incremental changes
  • 76" vertical scale set at 2" increments
  • Durable powder coated 11 gauge tubular steel and polished stainless steel adjustment column
  • High speed pulleys and military spec rope provide the maximum of uninterrupted service