500C Muscle Master

500C Muscle Master in action
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The Muscle Master is the only exercise machine specifically designed for use in correctional facilities and to take the constant use and abuse of inmates. Used both indoors and outdoors, the Muscle Master's unique hexagonal mainframe allows six people to exercise at one time. This tired and tested multi-station offers a very compact footprint of only 12’x12’.

500C Muscle Master Features and Benefits

  • Constructed of 11 gauge tubular steel to deliver solid, uninterrupted service under the most demanding conditions
  • Six people may exercise at one time
  • Exercise all major muscle groups on 13 exercise stations (Seated Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Behind Neck Press, Vertical Leg Raise, Roman Chair, Dipping Bars, Standing Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Lat Pulldown, Tricep Pressdown, Bent Over Row, Shrugs, Bicep Curls)
  • Weight pins secured to weight stacks
  • Locknut security fasteners
  • Military specification 1/4” nylon coated cable
  • Solid steel weight stacks
  • Stainless steel moveable parts
  • 1” bronze oil impregnated bushings
  • High density “duration” foam
  • Naughahyde quality upholstery